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MARCH 2017

DataVisor Online Fraud Report

The DataVisor Online Fraud Report provides insight into how bad actors are hiding amongst us inside consumer websites and mobile apps. Learn more about the latest tools and attack techniques fraudsters use to create armies of fake accounts and evade detection. The report leverages our proprietary global telemetry network of more than one billion users across 172+ countries.


1.   82% of fake accounts originated from desktop machines, compared to only 18%  from mobile platforms.

2.  Malicious accounts are 7x more likely to use cloud services than normal users.

3.  The fraudulent account armies targeting social platforms are 17x larger than those targeting financial services.

4.  44% of fraudulent accounts sleep at least a week before attacking.

“Fraudsters are becoming adept at looking like normal users and it’s clear from our research that they are increasingly sophisticated and using the latest technologies available to skirt detection. The DataVisor Online Fraud Report will hopefully serve to help inform and empower the fraud fighting community in our war against a common enemy, one sleeper cell at a time.”

– Yinglian Xie | CEO and Co-Founder, DataVisor

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